Overview of Angular Developer Jobs: What They Do

Where Is AngularJS Used?

AngularJS is designed for those developers, who believe that a declarative style is better suited for creating the UI, and an imperative for writing business logic. Today AngularJS is extremely popular among JS frameworks. It allows you to create really powerful, easy to maintain and structured applications with a huge set of tools. This framework greatly facilitates the development of dynamic web apps, due to its syntax, simple visual manipulation of objects, as well as two-way data binding. That’s why the number of Angular developer jobs keeps constantly growing.

This explains the fact that angular web development is most commonly used for creating single-page applications (SPA). In other words, SPA is a web-application hosted on the same web-page, which also loads all the necessary code along with the page itself. The applications of this type are relatively new, but they are becoming more popular as the demand for highly responsive applications grows.

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Five Bright Results of Angular Developer Jobs

In order to personally verify the truthfulness of the above, it makes sense to look at the following five sites. All of them were created using AngularJS and represents classic SPA. Here are some of the most popular and common used websites according to

  1. is a convenient and feature-rich service that helps you to organize your trip in a few minutes and in the best way. There is the possibility of buying airline tickets around the world, booking hotels, car rentals and more.
  2. Google Allo Apps. This easy to use, convenient and compact messenger was designed for fans of Google and Android. In addition to the classic set of features, this app also has the function of intelligent response, as well as chat in Incognito mode.
  3. The Weather Channel. This application was developed for Windows, Apple and Android. It is a platform with the help of which you can see the current weather conditions anywhere in the world.
  4. The Encyclopedia Britannica, which was used by almost all, is also based on AngularJS. At the moment, this encyclopedia is a unique repository of reliable and valuable knowledge of all branches of science.
  5. NPR One Apps. This is an application that lets you enjoy your favorite radio stations and add your playlists and podcasts.

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Where To Find Best AngularJS Developers?

Many companies are often faced with the necessity to hire Angular developers to work on their project. In order to facilitate the task of finding the desired person, the following list of sites was created.

  1. Upwork. It is a global platform that brings together freelancers and customers from around the world. Offers on this site are not limited to Angular JS developer job; here you can find experts absolutely any direction;
  2. It is the second most important area, which is based on the same principles as the previous one. The only important point that should be mentioned when speaking about these two sites is that competition here is very high. This means that it will not be easy to find Angular developer wanted;
  3. This site reminds of the classic platforms designed to search for jobs and employees. Its distinguishing feature is that it brings together programmers specializing in AngularJS and willing to find Angular developer jobs. Here you can find the remote employee from America, Canada, the UK and India;
  4. It is a kind of database of Angular developer jobs. In order to hire an engineer, you should fill out a form on the site, specifying your requirements. After that, site administration chooses the desired candidate during a week;
  5. Сodementor. This site can be described as a kind of programmers’ blog, which contains information about the experience and specialization of certain engineer. The service also allows you to directly contact the person and agree on possible work.

How Is Angular JS Developers Job Paid?

Job market for angular 1 developers in Ukraine is rather wide. Here you can find professionals of different levels, whose experience and knowledge of AngularJS will be the determining factors of their hourly pay. According to information of PeoplePerHour, the minimum hourly rate of such employees is $10. Usually, this payment is valid for Junior Angular developer jobs, but this indicator may vary depending on the location of the engineer. Mid-level Angular JS developer job is estimated from $20 to $30 per hour.  Senior Angular 2 developer salary begins from $50 per hour depending on the complexity of the work, as well as programming skills and the scale of work – whether it is AngularJS for mobile development or desktop.

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It Is Worth to Try

It can be concluded that the Ukrainian IT specialists are worthy candidates for many positions of international companies, but in order to hire really appropriate specialist it is necessary in the first place, to proceed from your needs, and secondly, to pay attention to the personal and professional qualities of each candidate.

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