Angular Web Development: Pros and Cons

Brief History of Angular Web Development

AngularJS is structured JavaScript framework with open source for dynamic web apps. It is intended to develop single-page web applications and allows you to use HTML as a template language, as well as expand the HTML syntax in order an application code looks briefly and concisely. Its purpose is the expansion of browser applications based on the MVC pattern, as well as simplifying testing and AngularJS web development.

Kozlovky & Darvin write in their book that “AngularJS is a relatively new framework in the field of client MVC frameworks. In fact, work on the framework started in 2009 as a personal project of Miśko Hevery, Google employee. However the idea of a framework has been so good that the project was officially supported by Google Inc., and from that moment the whole team is working on the framework, and all works are paid by Google. ”

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Main Advantages of AngularJS Web Development

AngularJS is a perfect framework in the case if your application involves multi-user interface with a sophisticated architecture and many links. This means that Angular software development is also possible and be successful with its help.

Benefits of AngularJS:

  1. Declarative code style. AngularJS adheres declarative approach in dealing with the elements. This means that instead of specifying how an object should behave (imperative approach), we describe the properties of this object.
  2. The use of directives to add a new object in the DOM in order to avoid complex constructions.
  3. MVC in AngularJS is implemented in a separate module, and does not play an important role in the library. You can use any third-party realization or design your own.MVC scheme that separates logic, presentation, and application data allows you easily create single-page progressive web apps.
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  4. Modularity. AngularJS makes it possible to organize applications from individual modules. Such modules may depend from each other or be autonomous. Thanks to built-in mechanisms of implementation dependencies AngularJS itself recognizes the situation where you need to provide supporting facilities, presents them and link the objects together.
  5. Two-way data binding. AngularJS applies bilateral binding: any changes in the user interface are immediately reflected at the application site, and vice versa. This feature makes this framework suitable for AngularJS web application development. The framework keeps track of browser events, changes in the model and the user’s actions on the page to immediately update the necessary templates.
  6. Ease of testing. Parts of applications are often located inside AngularJS modules that are easy to manipulate. This breakdown into modules allows you to download only the necessary services and to perform automatic testing effectively. At the same time if you follow the principle of “one file – one module”, necessity to remember the order of loading of modules does not occur.
  7. Animation support.
  8. Availability of ready-made solutions. One of the important features of  AngularJS is that it has plenty of ready-made solutions that offer decisions to fairly diverse tasks by using ready-made modules. For example, there are several modules for AngularJS UI development, the most popular of which is ui-router; there is also a variety of modules to work with tables ui-grid, ng-table and a lot of others.

Minor Complications of AngularJS

Despite the above-mentioned features of AngularJS, it also has few drawbacks:

  • The complexity of development. Those who had used the library jQuery often face difficulties, because unlike AngularJS it relies on handling the DOM tree.
  • The absence of backward compatibility with the previous version.
  • Web development AngularJS is strictly HTML-oriented.
  • Solidity, inability to use components separately in Angular web development.

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Some Results of AngularJS Web Development

  1. This is one of the most famous communication portal where every user can create a blog in order to share news and thoughts.
  2. Norwegian Airlines. This is an official website of airlines of Norway, where every traveler has an opportunity to book a ticket online and become acquainted with flight schedule, transport regulations and aviation security.
  3. This is one of the most popular online shopping website in the world, which stores everything from home accessories to car tires.

This is not the whole list of popular sites created using AngularJS. Examples of the sites listed above, indicate that this JS framework is suitable for creating solutions in various fields, from video sharing and entertainment portals to service of business intelligence and sites of transport companies. Ukrainian dedicated Angular developers can also help in the implementation of such projects, the customer of which will get an excellent result for adequate payment.

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