AngularJS Developer: Freelance vs Dedicated Team

Current Trends in IT

At the moment IT sphere is one of the most promising and rapidly developing areas of activity. With the development of information technologies, the number of companies that want to recruit professionals of this industry is also growing day by day. Every head of the company that asks a question like “Do I need to have an angular developer on staff?” first of all should determine its needs in order to find the most respective candidate. As IT specialist can carry out his work both in the office and from any other place, companies are faced with the problem of selection of an employee. In fact, it is not an easy task to find a decent engineer, but nevertheless, it is feasible. AngularJS developer is not an exception from this rule.

From What to Choose?

There are three ways of hiring a team of Angular developers. If you need talents, but the resources are not enough, or your plans do not include the expansion of the state, the best option would be to appeal to the services of freelancers. Now a lot of companies, representatives of small businesses, in particular, prefer this form of cooperation and stand to benefit. The development of the Internet and other technologies provide people with the opportunity to work without leaving the confines of their own apartments. Working from home is a very close phenomenon to the freelance, and it also has its positive and negative sides. A relatively new, but perhaps the most convenient, efficient and profitable way of recruitment is outstaffing.

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AngularJS Developer as Freelancer

The current labor market is exposed to fundamental changes. One of the areas is the willingness of enterprises to invest in the development of freelancing. The development of IT sphere, and in particular, Angular material, explain the fact that planning to hire AngularJS developer that works remotely is a common phenomenon nowadays. Leading scholars of The Plato Group, which also specializes in training out-off-staff workers believe that this trend will intensify over time. “The main advantages of hiring a freelancer are the flexibility and economy”, said Steve Dongo, managing director of the company. Freelancers can work only as needed, and companies have to hire professionals with the specific skills needed for the task. In addition, with regard to salary, in this case, it will go into the variables expenses from the constant, that will significantly reduce costs, especially when the budget is limited. This means that independent freelance workers can help companies quickly adapt to current personnel and business needs and be one step ahead of those who are expanding staff at the wrong time and without having enough resources. The next positive feature is that freelancers are too “entrepreneurs” in some way; they understand what it means to work in the business.

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According to the statistic research of, knowledge of AngularJS is one of the most demanded skills required on this freelance portal. But there is a downside. Not all people have enough self-discipline to properly manage their time and organize workflow. This means that it is not so easy to find a really decent freelancer who is trustworthy.

Hiring In-House AngularJS Developer

This option of hiring AngularJS developer also has its advantages and disadvantages for both parties. The main advantages of working from home for an employee include, of course, saving time and material resources that for many remote workers is an additional motivation. This method also allows the employer to reduce the rental cost of office space and the organization of the workplace.

The drawbacks of working from home are manifested in the social factor – the lack of interaction with the work team and colleagues. Surely you may have noticed from personal experience that sometimes it is very difficult to understand the person at a distance. The matter gets even more complicated when you need to explain to the employee any working moments or processes. Another difficult problem may be household chores that often hamper to start working. Working from home can cause boredom of the monotonous work or laziness, because the person may reside in a relaxed state.

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Thinking About Angular Developer Outstaffing

Outstaffing is a special human resource management technology that involves transferring employees to another company with the official registration in this company. However, in fact the staff continues to work at their former place of work.

Benefits of outstaffing:

  • Reduction in staff costs;
  • Transfer of legal responsibility for the staff to the outstaffing company;
  • Increasing of motivation and performance of outstaffing personnel;
  • Increasing of the cost of the company due to the growth of the income index by one staff member.

These advantages make it possible to conclude that it is really the best way of recruitment of dedicated Angular developers. Unfortunately, outstaffing also has some disadvantages, which are most typical for our country. Due to the imperfection of the legislation related to the regulation in this area, there are situations in which the claims of violations of labor and tax laws apply to the customers of outstaffing. But as a rule, in practice, such situations can be regarded as financial risks, as the penalty is provided as punishment for the above-mentioned violations.

Your Best Solution

Responding to a question about the best way to find local Angular developers, it should be noted that outstaffing would be the best decision in this case. This method is the most legitimate; it allows you to have highly motivated professionals with the adequate cost for their services.

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