How to Find Your Best Angular Developer

AngularJS Development and Its Popularity

Currently, AngularJs is one of the most popular among javascript frameworks. There are several reasons of its growing popularity. It offers fundamentally different approach to programming, which is based on MVC pattern. The fact that the framework was created and maintained by Google Corporation explains the increasing number of dedicated Angular developers.

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AngularJS is widely used by Single Page Applications developers, especially for creating web-sites in the Word Press. Web application is a site work of which is maximally fully moved to the client side. This web site “speaks” with the server by only pure data without loading the HTML-content. One of the benefits of SPA is obvious: applications are more flexible and adaptive, free from the torn effect of page’s refreshing and a new rendering. Single page websites are used for various purposes, such as product advertising, company or creative studio’s website, holding a rally. It also can be used to test the market or idea. Single Page site is easy to run and fill in with the content. As a rule, single-page sites do not contain links to other pages and all the contents can be seen when scrolling. Menu navigation with anchors is used most often in order to easily head to the interested information, such as product features, price, activities of the company, gallery of works or contacts. In fact, the main task of such web portal is the simplicity of presentation of information (content), bringing attention to it, creating the impression in order to sell a product or service.

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Top 5 Job Portals to Hire Angular Developers

  1. It is one of the most popular freelance job portals. Here you can find personnel from all over the world to instruct the execution of the project. The main advantage of the site is that you can hire experts from different countries, who may have diverse experience in many areas;
  2. This site is devoted to AngularJS development, so it brings together engineers from around the world who specialize in this framework. Here you can get basic knowledge about Angular JS and hire a specialist for your work;
  3. This is a universal portal for job search, which brings together job seekers and employers, regardless of their location. Here you can find millions of vacancies and CV’s of all possible profiles, including web developers;
  4. has already helped to find a job to almost 3 million people from all over the world;
  5. is one of the most popular Ukrainian job portals. Only reliable companies offer jobs on this website. The site also contains a huge database of CV’s of the best specialists of the country, which is constantly updated.

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How to Hire the Best Developer and Test Him

Many companies are interested in the issue how to find the best Angular developer and define this at the stage of the interview. Research of recruitment agency GMS helped to identify the best tips for searching for Angular developer who will be really good in work and will help bring the project to a new level.

Developer from London office Jon Skeet advises interviewers to talk more about things that are interesting to the candidate programmer. The passion with which a person talks about his work and achievements is the most reliable indicator of his professionalism.

Developer Adam Liss is convinced that the most important elements of an interview with a technical specialist should be checking of his skills with code. For example, searching for errors in the already written code can be among the possible assignments; in addition, you can ask the candidate to tell what this code is doing and to assess the style of his writing, the selected algorithm, the ability to quickly make necessary corrections and properly use AngularJS development tools. Another challenge may be writing of own code; such important factors as speed, quality of written and convenience of supporting will be immediately visible. A useful method is to design a small system, solve specific problems right at the interview. So you can see how a person is able to understand the problem and what approach is used.

Angular 2 hire programmer is not an easy task that requires preparation. Technical experts are often evaluated primarily on their immediate skills. However, we should not forget about other important aspects, such as communication skills and ability to work in a team.

Researches Confirming the Competence of Ukrainian Developers

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HackerRank undertook the research, the main task of which was to determine the location of the best IT developers. According to the published rating, Ukraine took the 11th place among 50 different countries. The top ten was occupied by the representatives of China, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, Japan, Taiwan, Czech Republic and Italy. It allows concluding that Angular development takes place in Ukraine providing the market with new professionals.

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