What Is the Average AngularJS Developer Salary?

Reasons for AngularJS’ Popularity

Currently, Node.JS MongoDB and AngularJS web development become extremely popular in IT sphere. The following reasons can explain this phenomenon. AngularJS can be represented as a set of tools that allows you to build the most appropriate framework for web applications. Whereas HTML was created for the design of static web documents, AngularJS is the ideal solution for dynamic web apps. According to the experienced Angular developers, the popularity of this framework among software engineers is also due to the simplicity of its use. Declarative programming paradigm is used to create templates with the help of AngularJS. This makes the code more lightweight, easier to read and support, as it describes the desired final result without all the steps for achieving it. AngularJS is a convenient multifunctional framework that allows you to create topical today one-page web applications. In this case expenses of time for construction of a correct code and testing final product are minimized.

Review of AngularJS Developer Salary

AngularJS popularity is also a reason for the high demand for specialists of this profile on the labor market. AngularJS developer salary depends on many factors, but primarily on the programmer’s professionalism level. It’s no secret that programmers from the United States get the highest wages in the world, and AngularJS developers are also not an exception.  In order to answer the question how much do Angular developers make, it would be enough to look at graph below.

angularjs developer salary
Statistics show that Junior Angular Developer gets $74, 355 per year. Annual wage of Mid-level AngularJS Developer in the USA compounds $85,000. According to PayScale, Senior Angular developer salary is $97,381. In order to completely analyze the current trend in the global IT market, it makes sense to consider AngularJS developer salary in different countries.

junior angular developer
According to data of, the absolute leader is the US, where the engineers of this profile receive $70,000 per year. The average salary Angular Developer in Poland is around $18,000 per year. The annual wage of Chinese developers is slightly less, and consist $12, 382 on average. The work of AngularJS Developer in India is estimated at $5, 325 per year. Angular 2 Developer average salary in Ukraine, the rate of the remuneration will be about $6,000 per year.

What Company Should Pay Attention to When Hiring an AngularJS Developer?

Requirements for AngularJS developers practically do not differ from the general demands on other IT professionals. The main difference is the possession of AngularJS and work experience with this framework. However, it is necessary to identify the key points that the company should take into account when engaging such specialist to work.

  1. Technical skills of IT specialist. Pay attention to the programming languages that potential candidate is able to use and his experience in usage of each of them;
  2. Readiness to learn. As it is known, IT industry is developing at an incredible pace. This means that AngularJS developer should be prepared for lifelong learning and new information;
  3. The ability to work in all conditions. If perfect silence or noise of working environment is not an obstacle to qualitative work of a specialist, you can be confident in his professionalism;
  4. The ability to solve problems. A real specialist will never tell you that it is impossible to solve an issue;
  5. An adequate response to stress. Developers are often faced with a situation where the program is not working, but the problem needs to be solved urgently. The ability to remain calm and common sense is very important;
  6. The ability to communicate with ordinary people in ordinary language. This skill is necessary in the case where the developer should personally meet with the customer and explain the essence of matter;
  7. Understanding of business processes. A good programmer should be business-oriented and be able to go beyond the task to optimize business processes;
  8. Meeting deadlines. The ability to efficiently use time is one of the most important skills of a good programmer.

Thus, the company receives several indisputable advantages if you hire angular developers in Ukraine. The first is a work with professional of his area, who will guarantee the desired result. And the second is the economic benefit, whereby the customer and the performer of the work will be satisfied with all the terms.

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