Full Stack AngularJS Developers: a Profile

Main Skills of AngularJS Developers

Hiring AngularJS developers is a sore point for most companies. This problem is compounded for those managers who do not have sufficient experience in IT development and Angular developer jobs in generals. Nevertheless, the conclusion that the technical knowledge and experience of the programmer are key points is obvious. At the moment, more and more companies require the services of AngularJS developers, what can be explained by increasing popularity of Angular JS among Javascript frameworks. Since AngularJS used to generate single-page applications, as well as for creating dynamic web apps, in practice we can see the results of its usage very often. However, it is not enough to possess only AngularJS, since this framework is also working with other additional frameworks and programming languages. This means that in order the project will be implemented in full measure it makes sense to hire an Angular full stack developer.

What Angular Full Stack Developer Should Also Use

Here is a list of some additional technologies that are commonly used by Angular 2 developers:

  1. MongoDB implements a new approach to database construction;  there are no tables, charts, SQL queries, foreign keys and many other things that are inherent in object-relational databases. Unlike relational databases MongoDB offers document-oriented data model; it runs faster, has better scalability and it is easier to use. MongoDB is written in C ++, so it can be easily ported to a variety of platforms. It can be deployed on Windows, Linux platforms, MacOS, Solaris. If relational databases store lines, MongoDB stores documents. In contrast to the lines, documents can keep information of a complex structure.
  2. Express.js is used to create frameworks of applications written with Node.js.
  3. Node.js is a software platform. In other words, it is the environment for the execution of JavaScript code, another way to execute code on the computer.
  4. Backbone.js is a minimalist framework that provides a simple set of data structures and functions that are used to create client-side progressive web apps. In such applications, the entire interface logic rests on the browser, which provides a significant advantage in the interface speed.
  5. C ++ is an extremely powerful language that contains tools for creating effective programs for almost any purpose, from low-level utilities and drivers to complex software systems for various applications.
  6. Basic language TypeScript, which is in some way JavaScript’ forefather.

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In its turn, The RedMonk provided its statistics of the most commonly used and required programming languages.

Nevertheless, the time flies and the new frameworks and technologies evolve that are not worse than Angular. Aurelia, for example, is one of such JS technologies. You can compare Angular vs Aurelia developers or pros and cons of each of the frameworks, still the result will be obvious as it is hard to compete with Angular.

What Does MEAN Mean?

Recently, a new stack MEAN: MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js is gaining popularity and finds various areas of use. MEAN stack technology reflects the modern approach to web design when every application level, from the client to the server, uses unified JavaScript language. This fact also explains wide-ranging Node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS web development. MEAN is more than a simple rearrangement of the initial letters and new technologies. Offset of base platform from OS (Linux) to the JavaScript runtime environment (Node.js) brings independence from the operating system: Node.js runs on Windows® and OS X as well as on Linux.

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Node.js replaces the Apache from the LAMP stack, but Node.js is much more than just a web server. In fact, a complete application is not deployed on a separate web server; instead of this the web server itself is included in the application and automatically installed as part of the stack MEAN. The main innovation of MEAN lies in the transition from traditional generating pages on the server side to focus on one-page application (SPA) on the client side. Express.js allows to control routing and generation of pages on the server side, but now because of AngularJS the emphasis is on representation at the client side. This change is primarily a movement from page-based to the component-oriented applications.

What Combinations Are Possible?

Here is a list of the most common combinations used by Backbone Angular developer:

  • Express.js+Node.js
  • Anjular JS+ JavaScript
  • Backbone.js+Underscore.js

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Skills of Ukrainian AngularJS Developers

Hiring Angular full stack developers will be reasonable to realize interesting and multitasking projects, especially in start-ups of different directions.  One of the preferable features will be knowledge of Angular 2 development with typescript as well as Angular development with Eclipse. Ukrainian IT market also offers such specialist with different experience and required salary.

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